Buy Local, Save an Artist!

To all my Glasgow people, go to this event tomorrow night at the Universal Bar, as you will have nice drinks, listen to good music and see art – all for free! Plus, I’ve got some work up, which you can buy, and will also be sold through their website. Brilliant right? Right!
Here are the details, so there is no excuse not to go:
My parcel of fun sent to PDP:
“The Hatred Series” will be on show and available to buy, sans the purple set, as they done got brought already:
And several copies of “The Kids Series” are available too:

The Wall

Today was a good day. I finished my text piece on that wall with a little (lot) of help from friends. It looks like it was a sunny day, but I can assure you, it was bloody freezing!

Special thank you to:

Ian – For pretty much all of it!

Alice – For the HaHaas she kept making 

Fabien – For getting involved and being the best French guy ever

Tom – For being a Romeo

The mandem, throw yo’ signs up

Mark Wright (The Only Way is Essex) made a star appearance. 

Finished Wall!


Central Station – Degree Show

Was just shown this link to Central Station’s 2011 Degree Show preview. Not only did they write a great little thing about my stuff, but two of my BFFs are also mentioned:

“Approaching both the design/fine art and gender politics paradigms in an equally refreshing way is Hells Gibson, whose beautifully understated letterpress posters pepper the vertical slats of the Mac with hard hitting sloganeering. Great graphic design, let alone art.”

Peep the rest of the article here. xx